Hakuouki SSL: CGs

Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life

Hakuouki SSL: CGs

Please note that some people find these to be spoilers so click at your own risk! Click on the images to see their CGs.  ❤

Hakuouki SSL Okita

Okita’s Route

Sano Hakuouki SSL

Sano’s Route

Hakuouki SSL Toshizo Hijikata

Toshi’s Route

Hakuouki SSL Saitou CGSaitou’s Route

Hakuouki SSL Kazama CG

Kazama’s Route

Hakuouki SSL CG HeisukeHeisuke’s Route

Hakuouki SSL CG Nagakura

Random Part 1

Hakuouki SSL CG ChibisChibis

Hakuouki SSL CGRandom Part 2

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