Hakuouki CGs


Hakuouki: CGs

Please note that these contain spoilers for the story! Just click on the image to see their CGs. ❤

Hakuouki CG OkitaOkita’s Route

Hakuouki CGs SanosukeSano’s Route

Hakuouki CG Toshizo Hijikata

Toshi’s Route

Hakuouki CG SaitouSaitou’s Route

Hakuouki CG Heisuke

Heisuke’s Route

Hakuouki CG KazamaKazama’s Route

Hakuouki CG Chizuru

 Random CGs

2 thoughts on “Hakuouki CGs

  1. I was wondering where the other cgs came from? Which game because I have bought the Hakuoki game on my phone but there are some cgs I haven’t seen. For example, with Toshi where where he’s… taking off his shirt? Or where Saito is cooking?

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