Podcast: Heroines of the Cherry Blossom: Episode 19 Fire Emblem Mates

Heroines of the Cherry Blossom Fire Emblem Fates

It’s been a while lovely readers! I hope you are still around! I haven’t been as active here as I’ve been active on tumblr as well as focusing on our podcast Heroines of the Cherry Blossom.

What started as an otome podcast has transformed into an video game podcast that focuses on otome games but also highlights other games that helps build relationships. I realized that I have not been posting our videos here so I wanted to share our most recent one.

Myself, Pizzamaid and our good friend Smasshy recently picked up Fire Emblem Fates and fell in love. In this podcast we talk about the story, our favorite husbandos, waifus and children. Enjoy! If you like it a lot you can find more on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher. For the glory of Nohr!

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