June 2016 JRPG Console Games I’m Dying For


June is a month that is totally going to break my bank. The games coming out next month are off the charts. Let’s take a look at my top picks shall we?

Odin Sphere – PS3, PS4 and Vita. PS4 gets the collector’s edition with tons of goodies. Release Date: on June 7, 2016. For a trailer click here. I’m very excited for this remastered version. I own the PS2 version and love it! I love the art of George Kamitani and Vanillaware (Dragon’s Crown)! I ordered the fancy version of this game for my husband’s birthday as he adores the game.

Atelier Sophie – PS4 and Vita. There is a collector’s edition. Release date: June 7, 2016. For a trailer click here. I am a HUGE sucker for all of the Atelier games. I don’t always save the kingdom but I do always have a blast crafting items, wearing fun outfits and meeting wonderful characters that make me smile. The gameplay is super fun as well! A great JRPG with crafting!

Grand Kingdom – PS4 and has had an invitation only beta. Release Date: June 21, 2016. For a trailer click here. I received the beta for this but due to real life I wasn’t able to play it. It seemed they were pushing for some online modes, which I probably won’t do. Looks to be a decent JRPG that I’m looking forward to checking out!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions – WiiU. This is a Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei cross over! Release date: June 24, 2016. For a trailer click here. When it comes to Shin Megami Tensei and now, Fire Emblem I’m crazy! I adore the series and all versions of the games. Some I excel at more than others but all in all I am a die hard fan! I know this game has less than rave reviews but I think it had a fan negativity to it from the beginning. The gameplay looks amazing and if you’d play any Shin Megami Tensei games you recognize many things. You may also recognize some of the characters if you have played some Fire Emblem games! I love the campy silly feel so I can’t wait to give this game my life! I need to figure out how to use my WiiU now.

God Eater: Resurrection – Digital only for PS4 and Vita. Release date: June 28, 2016. For a trailer click here. I am very new to this series but am looking forward to checking it out.

Star Ocean 5 – PS4. Release date: June 28, 2016. For a trailer click here. Star Ocean 5 is going to be amazing! The characters look great and from what I read there are some small draw backs in the game but once past them you forget them and totally get lost in the game. I did not get the collector’s edition of this, I didn’t think the price was worth the items you received, but I’m dying to play it!

So which ones are you guys getting? Personally, I’m getting Odin Sphere, Atelier Sophie, Grand Kingdom, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Star Ocean 5. I hope I can pick up some more overtime, lol.

10 thoughts on “June 2016 JRPG Console Games I’m Dying For

  1. I wasn’t completely sold on TMS until I covered it on our podcast a few weeks back, and now I want it BAD. But! No WiiU. 😦

    I’ve put far too much time into Star Ocean games in years past, though. I managed to dodge 4, but may have to pick up 5 if I find a good sale down the road.

    • I’m happy to have a partner in crime for TMS! I wish it was offered on more systems than the WiiU. I personally don’t know many people who have it and actually play it. I loved it for Fatal Frame 5 (damn digital only) and Xenosaga but I don’t care for the system personally. I ONLY have it due to it being a gift. If I had a spare one I would overnight it, lol!

      Confession time: this will be my first Star Ocean 5 game. I can’t tell you how excited I am for it! From what I hear you may be looking for that sale for number 5 sooner than you think! 🙂 ❤

  2. Technically there is a physical version of God Eater if you buy God Eater 2: Rage Burst first, which then gives you a digital voucher for Resurrection and the DLC.

  3. This entire year is going to be amazing for JRPGs :D. I’m picking up TMS too, along with I am Setsuna, Legion, FF15, Persona 5, and the new Pokemon. Seriously hyped for TMS though. The trailers were nothing like what I expected from a SMT (more Persona, I think) and FE crossover, but when I saw them, I knew I needed this game in my life xD.

    • Oh yea this year is off the charts! My friend and I chart out the year as announcements are made and I know I’m going to be broke by this year’s end, lol. I am also hyped for TMS and was amazed to see the combat seem to be more Persona like. I may have to take some vacation days after release so I can get lost in all of it! It’s going to be hard to pick between playing SMT and Star Ocean 5 though once both are released. I’ll probably continue with SMT until I beat it but I don’t want to rush any of these awesome games! 🙂

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