Amnesia Memories – Toma’s Routes

Toma Amnesia Memories

I finally finished Toma’s routes in Amnesia Memories. These routes were very emotional for me, and one literally left me in tears. I think he has actually has replaced Kent as my favorite guy in the game. We still have one more guy though so that might change!

Toma is a childhood friend that has looked over you and Shin since you all were young. He finds you passed out in front of your building and takes you to the hospital. Toma, as usual, steps in to take care of you while you are trying to recover from your illness.You, of course, have amnesia and have no memories of your past. Strange things start to happen and as Toma becomes more overprotective you start to learn things that reveal the truth about him and your memories.

You can see all of his CGs here.  Please note that they contain MAJOR spoilers, so click at your own risk.  Also, I do not own any of the CGs they belong to Idea Factory. If the image below is hard to read just click on it to open it up bigger. ❤

Toma Amnesia Memories Guide Walkthrough

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