Amnesia Memories – Kent’s Routes

Amnesia Memories Kent

This week in Amnesia Memories we tackle Kent’s routes. Kent is by far my favorite of the guys! I think he is just too cute and adorable!

Kent is a very intelligent guy who questions everything around him. He comes across as rude and stand-offish due to his constant analyzing of things. In his route you figure out very quickly that you two are dating and that things in the relationship aren’t going very well. You apparently argue constantly and have a lot of hostility towards each other. You must find out if the two of you can change and learn from each other to be happy or if the fights were a sign that things aren’t meant to be. You can see all of his CGs here.  Please note that they may contain spoilers, click at your own risk.  Also, I do not own any of the CGs they belong to Idea Factory. If the image below is hard to read just click on it to open it up bigger. ❤

Kent Amnesia Memories

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