Amnesia Memories – Ikki’s Routes

Amnesia Memories Ikki

As you may have noticed in my last post I’m pretty excited that we got Amnesia in North America! My previous post was on Shin’s routes and CGs. This time we go after Ikki! As a side note here, please do NOT pirate this game.  We need to show our support, via our hard earned money, for otome games in NA so hopefully we get more!

Starting off in Amnesia, you wake up realizing that something has happened and because of this all of your memories are gone. You spend the game trying to uncover your memories and wondering who you can trust.  You are not fully alone in this as you do have a friend helping you. The different routes will reveal different gentlemen callers and you have to decide if you can trust what they say as you have no memories of them.

So Ikki is the playboy in the group of guys you romance. He is a notorious love them and leave them kind of guy. Since you have no memory of your relationship you spend time trying to figure out why you are dating him. Even your friends are worried about you going out with him.  Not only do you have to juggle his very forward advances and teasing but you also have to deal with his fan club.  Yes, he has a fan club and they can be deadly. You have to decide if his feelings are honest and if you could truly trust him and love him for who he is.  You can see all of his CGs here.  Please note that they may contain spoilers, click at your own risk.  Also, I do not own any of the CGs they belong to Idea Factory.

Ikki Amnesia Memories

3 thoughts on “Amnesia Memories – Ikki’s Routes

  1. Wow that’s a really detailed walkthrough Ikki’s route. I only just found your blog, but it looks like we play similar games, yay ^_^! If I review games that you have walkthroughs for already I’ll definitely link you in the future :D.

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