Hakuouki SSL: Kazama Chikage Walkthrough

Hakuouki SSL KazamaKazama Chikage(風間千景) is a mysterious Third Year, Form Three student and the president of the Student Council. In spite of being an university graduate, he enrolls in Hakuou Academy. He’s a former university classmate of Hijikata and is not on good terms. He makes full use of his authority in the Student Council, owning most of the property in the Student Council’s room and wears a custom-made uniform.  From what I can tell in this game Kazama comes off in his usual form, as well as maybe even a little goofy in a way.

My dear friend over at ranshinkawaii is going through the routes and translating them! She finished  Kazama’s route and here is a direct link to his summary.  Please note these are spoilers!

Don’t worry again if you don’t speak any Japanese you can still do this route with little issue until the last mini game.  However if you have already beaten the mini games you can purchase your skip ticket.  For a guide on all the mini games please click here.  Don’t forget that you have to pass all of the mini games to get all of the CGs.

If you want spoilers and to see the CGs from Kazama’s route please click here.



Kazama-Senpai And …
(Completed Kazama’s route)

Start a new game by selecting the first option in the main menu (はじめから). Choose the following options to get Kazama’s ending. Make sure to succeed all mini games or else the remaining options for a chapter might not be available, and you will not see all possible CG images on this route forcing you to play this route again.

First Chapter
Second option (寝不足ですか?)
First option (声をかける)
Second option (強引に割って入る)
Second option (また今度にしてください)
Second option (勉強に集中しないと!)
Second option (油断大敵です)
Mini game (Test)

Second Chapter
Second option (まだ少し時間があります)
Second option (剣道場に寄ってみる)
Second option (お役に立てなくてすみません)
First option (追いかける)
Second option (犬も好きです)
Mini Game (Water Pistol)
Second option (そうでもないです)

Third Chapter
Second option (自信がない・・・・・・)
Third option (体育館とか・・・・・・?)
First option (やはり体育館へ)
First option (ちょっと楽しみ)
Mini game (Maid)
Second option (思い切って・・・・・・)

Fourth Chapter
First option (参加します)
First option (楽しみだと思う)
Second option (・・・・・・風間先輩が気になる)
Second option (風間先輩が気になって・・・・・・)
Mini game (Christmas)
First option (飲み物を注いで回ろう)
Fourth option (次へ)
Second option (そろそろ時間が・・・・・・)

Chapter 4.5
First option (大吉ですか?)
First option (よくわかりません)

Fifth Chapter
Second option (バレンタインのこと)
Mini game (Random 5)

Hakuouki SSL Kazama CGEnjoy the CGs! ❤

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