Hakuouki SSL: Hijikata Toshizo Walkthrough

Hakuouki SSL ToshiHijikata Toshizou(土方歳三) is close behind Sano for being one of my favorites in the game.  I love his take charge attitude, and how he hides his sensitive side.  He is a great guy who cares about his friends and his lady deeply and will do whatever it takes to do the right thing.  In this game, he is the Homeroom Teacher of Second Year, Form One, he teaches the Classics and is also a Disciplinarian Adviser. He acts on behalf of Kondou as an Assistant Principal presiding over most of the school management and is a childhood friends with kondo. In his varsity years, he is Kazama’s college classmate and till now, is still at loggerheads with him. His story goes well with his storyline in the previous games.

Don’t worry again if you don’t speak any Japanese you can still do this route with little issue until the last mini game.  However if you have already beaten the mini games you can purchase your skip ticket.  For a guide on all the mini games please click here.  Don’t forget that you have to pass all of the mini games to get all of the CGs.

My dear friend over at ranshinkawaii did a summary of his route, if you would like to read it please visit her great blog here!

If you want spoilers and to see the CGs from Toshi’s route please click here.


Hijikata-Sensei And …
(Completed Hijikata’s route)

Start a new game by selecting the first option in the main menu (はじめから) and pick the following options to get your Toshi!

First Chapter
Second option (寝不足ですか?)
First option (声をかける)
Second option (強引に割って入る)
First option (先生! 質問が!!)
Second option (勉強に集中しないと!)
Second option (大丈夫です!)
Mini game (Test)

Second Chapter
First option (もうすぐ来ると思います)
Second option (剣道場に寄ってみる)
First option (やっぱり手伝います!)
First option (働かざる者食うべからず)
Mini Game (Water Pistol)
First option (すみません・・・・・・)

Third Chapter
First option (やるしかない)
Second option (中庭へ行ってみる)
First option (どっちも大切)
Mini game (Maid)
First option (やめてください!)

Fourth Chapter
Second option (わかりません・・・・・・)
Second option (ちょっと心配・・・・・・)
First option (仕方ないと思う)
First option (何か手伝えませんか?)
Mini game (Christmas)
Fourth option (次へ)
First option (部屋の片隅にいるのは・・・・・・)
Fourth option (次へ)
Second option (そろそろ時間が・・・・・・)

Chapter 4.5
First option (健康祈願のお守り)
Second option (先生と一緒に行きたい)

Fifth Chapter
First option (特に考えていません)
Mini game (Random 5)

Hakuouki SSL CG ToshizoNow relax and enjoy all the awesome CGs of you and Toshi! ❤

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