Hakuouki SSL: Okita Walthrough

Hakuouki SSL OkitaI haven’t given up yet on playing Hakuouki SSL considering I know no Japanese at all.  I’ve still been following the trophy guide I found mentioned in earlier posts and it is a great guide!  I just wish it could beat the last mini game for me. The mini games have been frustrating to say the least (language barrier), but I’m still playing through it and trying to get what little CGs I can.  So far the CGs I’ve unlocked have been well done and adorable to look at.  I wish I could beat the last mini game so that I could get my skip ticket but until then I will take what I can get.

While the routes are in Japanese you can easily get through them and unlock CGs.  However, please remember that unless you beat a mini game you won’t get all the options and all of the CGs.  I would use the mini game guide here to help you through them and be sure to save the game before each mini game if you feel it might be a difficult one for you to beat.

My dear friend over at ranshinkawaii is going through the routes and translating them! She finished  Okita’s route and here is a direct link to his summary.  Please note these are spoilers!

When starting Hakuouki SSL, the first route suggested is Okita due to his mini game during the last part can be one of the more difficult ones to succeed without knowing Japanese.  What this means is that the guy’s route you are on won’t be in the final mini game, so it’s better to go this route first to try and avoid at least one of the problem games popping up.  So let’s take a look at who he is exactly, and then cover the route.

Hakuouki SSL OkitaOkita Souji(沖田総司)
A Second Year, Form One student from the Kendo Club who loves making fun of people. Due to his weak constitution since young, he took up kendo to train himself. Another reason, was due to the guidance from Kondou, whom he looks up to as an elder brother. Adversely, he is sworn enemies with Hijikata. His latest obsession is smartphone photography and image editting.  Okita is kind of the smart-ass in the group and I got a huge laugh out of him and is smartphone photography.  If you have played any of the other Hakuoki games, then you know his story in this one keeps in line with his character.  He is one  of the favorites it seems among fans of the series, while he isn’t one of my personal favorites I do understand his following.

To get spoilers and see the CGs from Okita’s route please click here.

To unlock your Okita and get all the CGs please follow below:


Okita-Senpai And …
(Completed Okita’s route)

Start a new game by selecting the first option in the main menu (はじめから).

First Chapter
Second option (寝不足ですか?)
First option (声をかける)
First option (黙って見守る)
Second option (罰則は厳しすぎるかも・・・・・・)
First option (楽しみにしてるね!)
First option (それは屁理屈です)
Mini game (Test)

Second Chapter
First option (もうすぐ来ると思います)
Second option (剣道場に寄ってみる)
Second option (お役に立てなくてすみません)
Second option (放っておく)
Second option (考えさせてください)
Mini Game (Water Pistol)
First option (恥ずかしいからです)

Third Chapter
First option (やるしかない)
Second option (中庭へ行ってみる)
Second option (優勝です)
Mini game (Maid)
Second option (静かなところ)

Fourth Chapter
First option (参加します)
Second option (ちょっと心配・・・・・・)
Second option (落ち着いてください!)
First option (面白そうですよね)
Mini game (Christmas)
Second option (大人しくしていようかな)
Fourth option (次へ)
Second option (そろそろ時間が・・・・・・)

Chapter 4.5
Second option (お雑煮くらいなら・・・・・・)
First option (途中まで送ります!)

Fifth Chapter
First option (先輩の答え次第です)
Mini game (Random 5)

If you beat all of the mini games, and pick these options you will win the heart of your Okita! Please note if you don’t see all of these choices then you failed one of the mini games.  Good luck and go get him! ❤

2 thoughts on “Hakuouki SSL: Okita Walthrough

  1. Will definitely look in to this in case I get lost in Okita’s route when I play the game! ^_^ Is there a common route in SSL like in the original Hakuoki game?

    • Sure there is a common route! I found it the first time I played the game and failed the mini games but “finished” the route, if that makes sense. I got the friend ending and unlocked the “common” CGs at the same time. If there is more to it I haven’t found it..yet that is! 🙂

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