Hakuouki SSL: Mini Games

Hakuouki SSL EnglishLet’s tackle the mini games in Hakuouki SSL, some are very easy and some will be annoying since the language barrier on them will be steep.  There are a total of 5 mini games, and the first Chapter 1’s Test, Chapter 5 Okita and Chapter 5 Yamazaki will be the toughest of them.  It is only required to succeed the mini game in chapter 5 to complete a playthrough, so do not worry if you fail a mini game in the first four chapters. If you choose to do Okita’s route first, his mini game will not appear in chapter 5, so it will be easier to finish your first playthrough. I followed the guide I found and did Okita’s route first. Now let’s look at each mini game.

Hakuouki SSL Mini Game 1 Mini Game 1

This mini game is like a school test, in there will be questions at the top and you have to pick the correct answer from A, B, C or D and sometimes a red skull card.  It’s not as easy as just scrolling over to your choice, you have to move the character to the letter that has the correct answer.  This can be a bit annoying for a few reasons, the text is of course in Japanese and you don’t have much time to find and stand on the correct letter.  The other annoying factor is that you can’t walk over one to get to another, whichever one you touch is what you get and since they float around the screen and don’t follow a direct path it can be very annoying.  Using the guide created here, below are some of the questions and answers for the first mini-game.

The best way to try and cheese this is to wait till it asks the question and shows the answers, then hit the “Start” button which will pause the game for you.  This will give you time to search the unfinished questions and answers below to find the right one.  Please note that you can move not only right to left but up and down as well with the character.

After you finish this mini game you will not get a CG as far as I know, the CG for this chapter comes before the mini game.

Here are some questions and answers (Incomplete. Source: choro_r’s blog):
Q: -2+(15-6)÷3
A: 1

Q: Demon of the Fleeting Blossomの意味
A: 薄桜鬼

Q: RIGHTの意味として正しくないもの
A: 明るい

Q: Xが2の時の次の問題の答え 3x+6x
A: 18

Q: いと をかし を意味する現代訳
A: とても 面白い

Q: 沖田が試衛館道場での思い出を語った際、近藤をどのような存在だと思っていたか
A: 兄

Q: 変若水は西洋では何と呼ばれているか
A: エリクサー

Q: コインを2回投げた時に表が2回でる確率は何分の1か
A: 4

Q: 個体が溶けて液体に変化する時の湿度
A: 融点

Q: 近藤が処刑された場所はどこか
A: 板橋

Q: 斉藤ルートにて、大阪城で斉藤たちと再会できなかった者
A: 井上源三郎

Q: 地震における揺れの強さを示すもの
A: 震度

Q: 新撰組のように、幕府を支持する思想
A: 佐幕

Q: 太陽が月の周りを回ること
A: 公転

Q: 南雲薫は自らの故郷で何を果たそうとしていたのか
A: 鬼の一族の再興

Q: 七草粥に入れる草
A: なずな

Q: 非営利組織をアルファベット3文字で答えよ

Q: 無駄話などをして仕事をサボること
A: 油を売る

Q: 羅刹の回復を抑える弾は何で出来ているか
A: 銀

Q: 労咳の現代の呼び名
A: 肺結核

Hakuouki SSl Mini Game 2Mini Game 2

The next mini game isn’t nearly as bad as the first one, thankfully. You team up with a character and try to beat the other team with water pistols in this mini game. Press to shoot water. Once your water tank is empty, you have to wait a short amount of time until you can fire water again. If you can cause the other team to run out of water  first then you can win this mini game.

Hakuouki SSL Mini Game 3Mini Game 3

This game is also pretty easy to do.  You are a maid and you are serving food and drinks to the guys.  What they want appears over their head and the background will slowly grow red as a timer.  If you get their item to them before the red reaches the top you did well, however if you didn’t, you failed pleasing them.  This one uses the touch screen function and can be a bit annoying at first.  You will need to tap the item you want, once the character is there, tap it again to pick it up.  You will then need to tap the gentlemen that wants it and once you reach him you will need to tap him again.  At the bottom right of the screen, you will see the remaining amounts of orders you will have to do until the game is over. If you are too slow to deliver the order the costumer is unhappy and the counter for remaining people will be increased by +1.

Hakuouki SSL Mini Game 4Mini Game 4

The fourth mini game is easy as well, and once again has no language involved.  It takes place during Christmas and it is a touch screen scavenger hunt.  On the bottom left you will see the items you need to find in the image above.  You will need to find all of them before the timer runs out.  You can also select items by moving with the stick, and press to select the items.

Hakuouki SSL Mini Game 5Mini Game 5

According to the guide I found, this is the hardest mini game as you will have to do 5 kind of mini games which are selected randomly. Two of them have a high language barrier (Okita and Yamazaki). However, the mini game of the character whose route you are doing currently will not appear, so choose Okita as your first playthrough to make it easier. This is the only mini game you have to clear to finish the playthrough or else you will see a bad ending. After your first playthrough, you can buy the Mini Game Skip Ticket and thus you only have to play this once and then never again.

Save the game during chapter 5 before starting the Random 5 mini game, so that you can reload if you hit a hard mini game and fail. Press to pause the game if necessary.  Below are the different games for each guy:

Hijikata (pictured above): Press as fast as you can.

Okita Mini Game 5Okita: This is one of the two mini games with a high language barrier and practically impossible to do if you do not know Japanese. You have two signs and Okita has two signs. Okita will say something like “Show me the sign with this character” or “Show me not the sign with this character” and he may hold one or both signs up. You have to press or for your signs or both or neither depending on your answer. You have to be quick as well or else you will fail this mini game. You will clear this mini game by doing it right 10 times.

Saitou Mini Game 5Saitou: In this mini game, you will hide behind a plant and try to move from left to right; without that, Saitou will spot you. Whenever he will show an exclamation mark, stop moving or else you will fail the game. When he shows a question mark, you can move, but he will instantly have an exclamation mark again, so wait until neither mark is shown.

Toudou Mini Game 5Toudou: In this mini game, you have to press the buttons for the fruits in the exact order as Toudou will show you beforehand. You should take notes if you cannot memorize the order. He will show 5 or 6 fruits.

Harada Mini Game 5Harada: In this mini game, you have to input the directions as shown in the screen.

Kazama Mini Game 5 Image 1Kazama Mini Game 5 Image 2Kazama: Three characters will attack you one after one. Once you see big kanjis on the screen, press to avoid the attack.

Nagakura Mini Game 5Nagakura: In this mini game you will be shown three numbers and you have to input the numbers at the right time. This works like a slot reel and you have to press to stop the reels from left to right.

Sannan Mini Game 5Sannan: This mini game is a little bit harder than the others, but not because of the language barrier. You will see a gauge at the top of the screen and a blue cursor repetitively going from left to right. There will be a red area, and you have to press once the cursor hovers the red area like in a rhythm game. Doing this correctly 10 times will clear the mini game. Be careful as you have an overall time limit shown by the clock on the screen and the blue cursor will move faster after each successful turn.

Yamazaki Mini Game 5Yamazaki: This is one of the two mini games with a high language barrier and practically impossible to do if you do not know Japanese. You will be shown Japanese characters and you have to sort them into the right order. Select a sheet with and select a second one to switch them. Possible words you have to sort are character names, but also regular Japanese words unrelated to the game, so it is hard to show a list with solutions. If this mini game will be selected, you can either sort it and hope you will get it by luck or reload a save from before starting the whole Random 5 mini game and hope it will not be selected again.

Nagumo Mini Game 5Nagumo: In this mini game, you will run from Nagumo, but he will throw things at you. Press to avoid these items. The green pencil is fast, the pink fan is a little bit slower, while the orange rubber is moving slowly. Sometimes he will throw two items shortly after each other. To avoid both items, you have to time your jump and press just before the first item is about to hit you and not as soon as he is throwing it. If one item hits you, you will fail this mini game.

So that is all of the mini games for Hakuouki SSL.  If you come across some more of the questions for the first mini game please let me know and I will add them.  Once again a special thank you to AppleKratue for pulling this all together. ❤

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