Hakuouki SSL English Players: Getting Started

Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life

In case you don’t know your Vita is region unlocked (thanks Sony) and so because of this and my newly found love of Otome games I decided to see what damage I could do playing Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life.  I know absolutely no Japanese, I can’t speak it or read it but I love these guys and I wanted to see the game and at least TRY to get some trophies, and the CGs.

After searching the internet I found a great trophy guide here.  However it is a bit all over the place so I wanted to condense some things and do it in chunks on my blog, not only for myself but for any others that want to give it a shot.  Please note, I take no credit for finding this stuff out, I am just trying to organize it better for myself.  I give a special thanks to AppleKratue on PlaystationTrophies.org, who played the game and put it out there for other gamers like myself. I really can’t thank you enough! ❤

So let’s jump right in and cover some basics of what you will need to do.  As an added note here, I am still playing through this, so if you notice I got something wrong please just comment and I will correct it.

The great thing about this game is you can skip all of the text no matter if you’ve seen it or not.  This will help you get straight to your choices and move the story along.  Sadly it does remove the romance and point of the story, at least for me but since I can’t read Japanese this is the best I got.  To enable the full text skip you will need to access the options menu.  This will pop up after you start the game and put in the name of the character, in my case I just used the name of the main character already. It will then ask you if you are sure you want to use this name and you will click on the option on the left that is: はい (Yes). After this you will get another option, please click on the choice on the left again and it will show you to the options menu.

Apple tells us to “please select the most bottom option in the main menu (設定) to access the option menu. To enable full text skip mode, select the first option (ゲーム設定) and the first option again (スキップモード) and change to the right so that 強制 is selected as shown in the picture:

Hakuouki SSL Options Menu(click for larger image)

Confirm with , and press  to go back to the options menu. Now you need to save the change by selecting the bottom left option (決定) with . Go back to the main menu by pressing  twice, and you have the option to fully skip through the text enabled. To activate it, you have to press the  button whenever you read through text. After each decision, you have to press the  button again to continue skipping.

About Saving
Whenever you want to save during the game, press  to pop up the menu and select the diary to save. Select the bookmark to load a save file. Alternatively, you can load a save file from the main menu by selecting the second option (つづきから).
The game does auto save by default whenever you complete a route.

Main Menu Translation

  • はじめから (New Game)
  • つづきから (Load Game)
  • 龍之介ショップ (Shop)
  • 宝箱 (Extras)
  • 設定 (Options)”

Hakuouki SSl Mini Game

Mini Games

Argh yes, this game has mini games and they affect the story! Please note that if you fail the 5th mini game you won’t complete the playthrough, so please save before the 5th mini game so that if you do fail you can quickly start again.  Also, don’t stress it if you have to start a route over again, seriously.  Since we are skipping the text it doesn’t take much time to get back to where you need to be. To unlock the CGs you will also need to win the mini games.

I have to say I did NOT like the mini games, especially the first one since it is very text heavy.  It is a tough one for us folks that don’t know a lick of Japanese.  Luckly Apple also pulled together a helpful guide for all of the mini games, which I added some information to as well, to see those please click here.  I hear that the last test is random and extremely annoying but I haven’t gotten there yet so hopefully it won’t be that bad. Edit: the last test is extremely annoying and I haven’t passed it yet.

According to Apple “At the end of each chapter, you are required to play a mini game. Some mini games have a high language barrier (Chapter 1’s Test, Chapter 5 Okita and Chapter 5 Yamazaki). It is only required to succeed the mini game in chapter 5 to complete a playthrough, so do not worry if you fail a mini game in the first four chapters. If you choose to do Okita’s route first, his mini game will not appear in chapter 5, so it will be easier to finish your first play through.”

Rejoice though!  There is a ticket we can buy that will allow us to skip the mini games!  The bad news is you have to beat all of the mini games to unlock the ticket.  If you are lucky enough to do this, then you go back in the main menu after finishing your first playthrough, you should buy the Mini Game Skip Ticket. With this ticket, you are able to skip the mini games in all your following playthroughs, which will make them a lot easier as you can avoid the mini games with a high language barrier. Whenever a mini game appears now in the routes, you will be asked whether to skip the mini game. Choose the left option (twice) (はい) to skip it or the right option to play the mini game. If you choose to skip, you will be asked another question whether the mini game was a success or a failure. Always choose the left option Success unless stated in the route walkthrough.

To buy the Mini Game Skip Ticket, you will need 500 points. If you have not earned enough points, you can play Mini Games by selecting the fourth option in the main menu (宝箱 (Extras)) and then choosing Mini Game. You will find the Mini Game Skip Ticket in the shop by selecting the third option from the main menu (龍之介ショップ (Shop)). Then select the last category (その他) and find the ミニゲームスキップ券 (Mini Game Skip Ticket) in the second to last position for 500 points. Buy it using  and confirm with the left option (はい). Do not buy any other stuff yet as it is possible to get a 30 % rebate later.”

On a personal note, this makes me so happy because I “failed” my first walkthrough but I think I did earn enough points to buy the ticket! This is a nice option for those of us that don’t like mini games in our Otome.

My next post will be about the mini games and then we will delve into our very first route (that I failed, sigh). Yay! I love my Samurai men! ❤

Hakuouki SSL Okita

4 thoughts on “Hakuouki SSL English Players: Getting Started

    • I’m not sure. I would think it has a good chance since the Hakuouki series is popular, but otome games in general aren’t that popular in NA. However, if you can’t wait for it you can read route guides from people online to find out the story at least. You can also watch the Aksys games forum to respond to polls they post about what games you want localized. I’m not sure if they do that often enough but it’s always good to check and make sure your vote counts. 🙂

  1. Thanks for writing this up 🙂 it made me comfortable with purchasing although I can’t read japanese :3 (why do we do it to ourselves haha)

    If you have the patience i discovered using google translate can give you some insight into the text. Its a slow process (take snapshot, highlight characters, read translation, try to make sense of it) but im pushing through lol.

    Thanks again for all your work!

    • I’m glad it helped! Just be patient with the mini games. They drove me crazy but the CGs are worth it in the end! Do what works for you! Push through and enjoy it!

      Thanks for your comment!!

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