Long Live the Queen Winning Walkthrough – Spoilers

Long Live the Queen WonGreetings everyone! So Steam had their Holiday sale and my friend got me a game I had on my wishlist called Long Live the Queen.  It’s a super fun story/skill based game where you play a 14 year old princess who has a year to try and live through to become queen.  You face difficult choices along the way that will either kill you or make you stronger.

Long Live the Queen Deaths: MonstersLong Live the Queen Deaths: PoisonedLong Live the Queen Deaths: ShotLong Live the Queen Deaths: DrownedLong Live the Queen Deaths: ChokedLong Live the Queen Deaths: Blown Up

The deaths are pretty funny and you get achievements for them, however I wanted to live at least once to see the end.

Here is a guide for the walkthrough to win the game.  I guess you can consider it full of spoilers. Long Live the Queen Walkthrough! At the request of a commenter I will add that this is not the only way to get to the ending, it is just one of them and there are various ways to not die.  Be sure to look at all of the interesting things you can unlock from this game in Steam.  This game has a lot of replay value in my opinion.

After you beat it you get some cool images. I’ll put them below (be sure to click on them to get the larger version).  Be sure to check out this game!  It’s pretty fun!

Long Live the Queen Magical GirlLong Live the Queen BonusLong Live the Queen Extra Bonus

11 thoughts on “Long Live the Queen Winning Walkthrough – Spoilers

  1. It would be appreciated if that were described as ‘a possible way to win the game’ rather than ‘the way to win the game’ as there is no canon walkthrough for a good reason – following any single path means missing most of the content. 🙂 There are lots and lots of other ways to win and other things to find!

  2. No matter what I do, I can’t get the bit on week 5 where you see the two woman together and you say that you just turn away then you can chose what to do with seeing the guy leaving the castle, what have I missed?

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