Mini-Post: Checking Affection Level on Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and YSo I hopped on the bandwagon and picked up Pokemon Y and fell in love.  This is my first attempt to seriously play a Pokemon game and I’m having a blast!  It took me a long time to figure some easy stuff out and I’m still learning all I can but I wanted to share this bit of knowledge with you that I found.

There is a certain Pokemon that I wanted since I saw it and that is Sylveon.  It evolves from Eevee when you have at least one Fairy ability and an affection level of 2.  I thought this sounded terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to achieve (1 day).

Sylveon Pokemon X and Y
The Fairy ability showed up easily while leveling Eevee.  However the affection level was what I was concerned about.  To get started you need to change your bottom screen to one that you interact with your Pokemon.  This allows you to feed them, play games with them and pet them.  You can easily figure out what your Pokemon wants by their animations.  If they are hungry they will show that icon, and if they want to play they will show that icon.  They will get full off of food so pay attention to what your Pokemon wants. By playing games, feeding and petting your Pokemon you build affection.

To check your affection level just click on your Pokemon on the bottom screen in the interactive menu and click on switch.  You will then see this menu:

Pokemon X and Y Affection Level Check

This will show you how far into affection, fullness and enjoyment your Pokemon is.

According to what I found on the internet:

It is not possible to lose affection, so once you max out a Pokemon you don’t need to continually ‘top up’ the affection stat.

You go up in affection by amounting hearts that your Pokemon gives off. You get hearts primarily for petting and feeding. The number of hearts needed for each level are:

  • Level 1: 1 heart
  • Level 2: 50 Hearts
  • Level 3: 100 Hearts
  • Level 4: 150 Hearts
  • Level 5: 250 Hearts

The effects that you gain in battle are:

  • Increased Critical Hit Ratio
  • Increased Evasion
  • Increased XP Gain
  • Chance to lose status ailments such as Paralysis (including Confusion)
  • Chance to Endure (The Pokemon may ‘hold on’ with 1 HP instead of fainting, similar to the move Endure)

These effects are followed by some text, and are denoted by a small heart (like the ones you earn in Amie) floating up from your Pokemon. For example:

“<Your Pokemon> was so in sync with <Player Name>’s wishes that it landed a critical hit!”

Other niceties:

  • Text changes: The introduction message, and various statements throughout battle change.
  • Petting: If your Pokémon has max affection, you can pet it after it wins a battle by rubbing the touch screen.

I hope this helps! I found this randomly online and also used a great source here for other information! I hope this helps! Are you guys playing Pokemon X and Y? If yes, tell me about it! ❤

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