Skyrim Mod Highlight: Aurora Follower – Is Now Updated!

Skyrim Aurora FollowerGuys -This mod is now available again on Nexus Mods. You can find it here! Thanks to Shadowfake for contacting me! ❤

Hey guys I know it’s been a while since one of my Skyrim posts but since installing it on a new computer I’m probably going to feature more sexy mods for  the game.  This week we look at the Aurora Follower.

I know a lot of people hate Lydia and I actually stick with her out of loyalty honestly but lately…I’ve felt the urge to have a follower that could match my character’s….um…features.  This is where the Aurora follower comes into play.  This is a mod featured on Skyrim Nexus Mods and is created by VRDaphni and Shadowfake.

Aurora Follower Skyrim Mod

Aurora is not only beautiful but I love to pair her with the Hunting Grounds Outfit by Nimezis (click here for that mod) for an extra sexy elf in amazing armor.  According to the information on Skyrim Nexus Mods here are her stats:

Body Type: UNP and CBBE
With or Without the Tattoo

Aurora is a Spellsword: She favors the sword, but proficient in Destruction and Restoration Magic.

Her Spells:
All spells except heal other are in her left hand to make sure she does not use magic in both hands.
– Healing (Self and others)
– Flames and Firebolts
– Iron, oak, and stone flesh depending on her level-

Her Perks:
– Destruction
– Restoration
– Alteration (for the flesh spells)
– Recovery
– Fighting Stance
– Bladesman
– Light Foot

Combat Behavior: She will use both Melee and Magic, but will favor the sword.
– She starts by casting a Flesh spell on herself.
– She usually does the above while charging toward the enemy.
– She will use her projectile spells until she gets into sword range then switch to sword.
– After that she uses a combination to Flames/Sparks (depending of the enemy) and sword attacks.
– She will recast Flesh spells as needed.
– If the enemy runs she will pursue, if he gets out of range of her sword swings she will pelt him with her projectile spells.
– Once an enemy dies she goes after a new one, once again she pelts them with projectile spells until she reaches sword range.
– If she has no way to get close enough to use her sword, then she focuses on barraging them with her projectile spells.

You can marry her, she is essential and will not die, but she will go down, she is powerful, but not over powerful and she will run low on magic.

Aurora Follower Skyrim Mod

The creators also recommend the following mods:
Eryniel Elf Reborn
Face Light
Bleak ENB
Demon Hunter V2: Armor from photo’s
Circlet in Pictures from KDCirclets Redone by zzjay

As usual, I would recommend installing these through the Nexus Mod Manager for easy installation. I think Aurora is beautiful and great job to the creators for such an amazing mod!

9 thoughts on “Skyrim Mod Highlight: Aurora Follower – Is Now Updated!

  1. Hello, I am shadowfake the co author of Aurora Follower.
    The mod was taken down around 12/31/2013 by a malware that was on VRDaphni’s computer.

    At first she thought that I deleted the mod then I thought that Nexus deleted it by a malfuncion. Later on we discovered that a malware deleted it.
    Don’t worry the mod is being updated by her while I’ll be in charge of spreading the mod to regain our fans.

    There’s a surprise coming with the newer version.

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