Mini-Post: NPC Coffee Choices in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Coffee

Hey guys!  It’s been a while and I’ve been playing a bunch of games.  One I’m still playing is Animal Crossing New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS.  I have unlocked the coffee shop and got it built and have gone through enough of it to open up the option of me working there.  This is pretty fun actually! You get a cute little outfit and get to make coffee for your villagers and others!

Each villager has a specific coffee request, however they only tell you a little bit of their order and it’s up to you to get the rest of it right.  Sounds a tad scary heh?  Never fear!  There is a great wiki that tells you all of the villagers favorite cup of coffee!  You can find that page here.

After you get about 3 villagers you will get an NPC from the town.  The wiki page doesn’t have those individuals listed, however below is a list of what each NPC would like in their coffee.

Special Character Coffee beans Milk Sugar
Pelly Blend A little One spoonful
Phyllis Kilimanjaro None None
Tom Nook Kilimanjaro Lots One spoonful
Mr. Resetti Blue Mountain None None
Don Resetti Blend None Three spoonfuls
Kapp’n Blue Mountain Regular None
Tortimer Kilimanjaro Regular Two spoonfuls
DJ KK Blend None None
Dr. Shrunk Mocha A little Two spoonfuls
Gracie Blend None None
Kicks Mocha None One spoonful
Pete Blend Regular Two spoonfuls
Phineas Kilimanjaro Lots Three spoonfuls
Digby Blue Mountain None None
Isabelle Mocha Lots Three spoonfuls

If you make all of your coffee customers happy Brewmaster will give you the best beans he can (worth the most bells) and sometimes he will give you a gift of furnitureI I hope this quick chart helps you satisfy your NPCs in Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing Coffee Happy

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