Mini Post: Skyrim Dragonborn NPCs Don’t Like Me

Skyrim Lydia Armor Bug

Tonight I logged into Skyrim to work on crafting and the Dragonborn quest line and I was delayed for a while.  Apparently for some reason the NPCs, specifically Frea, turned hostile towards me. It can be a known glitch for some people.  I freaked out worried that it would be an issue for me and that I wouldn’t be able to progress in the new DLC.

However I found a solution for myself that might help the few others that encounter this problem.  I apparently logged off inside someone’s house and when I loaded the game and left the house they took me to be a thief since it was at night and the house was locked up.  So I loaded my game from within the house and waited the time out to about 10 AM the next day and walked out and was not attacked anymore.

Other people have said that they stole something in the town and paid the bounty and things were fine. I’m not sure if that helps but what I did above helped me out. I just wanted to do a mini post on this as there was not a lot of information out there about possible solutions.  If this happens to you please consider how you might have broken the basic “laws” of Skyrim and try not to do it and it should work.

Hope this helps! Also, the picture above is of Lydia’s armor freaking out on me. lol ❤

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