RPG Alert! 3 Japanese Titles Coming to the PS3

So guys I’m excited to share with you that NIS (Nippon Ichi Software) is bringing 3 Japanese RPGs to America and Europe.  Rejoice RPG lovers! I’m so excited about this and I wanted to give you a heads up on what would be heading our way!

The first one announced is Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness. Disgaea Dimensions 2 launches in about a month in Japan, and will come out in America this fall. Dimensions 2 is rumored to be a sequel to the PlayStation 2 strategy-RPG Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

NIS has stated that Disgaea Dimensions 2 is intended to celebrate both the 20th anniversary of the company and the 10th anniversary of its most famous franchise. They have stated that DLC will be released to keep the game new to players following its launch later this year.

Next up is Time and Eternity, known as TokiTowa or Toki to Towa in Japan.  TokiTowa launched in Japan late last year and is set for a Summer 2013 release in the US and Europe.

Time and Eternity is interesting because it’s the “first HD animation RPG”, meaning that all characters are drawn using cel animation and are not actual 3D models. The game takes place in a locale known as Kamza, with a nameless male character about to marry the princess of his kingdom, Toki, as the tale begins. However, Toki has an alter-ego – Towa – and this is the center of the game’s plot.

Lastly, The Guided Fate Paradox, known as KamiPara in Japan. The Guided Fate Paradox is set to come to the PlayStation 3 in the Fall of 2013 in the west. The Guided Fate Paradox is described as a rogue-like RPG, so if you want a good time sink this might be what you are looking for! I personally hope a soundtrack might be released as well just by the great music in the trailer!

NIS developed one of my favorite game series, the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, so I’m really excited to see them bringing more games to the US! I can’t wait!  Which one of these games are you guys looking forward to the most?

2 thoughts on “RPG Alert! 3 Japanese Titles Coming to the PS3

  1. Out of those three Disgaea D2 is by far the best game. I gave Guided Fate a chance, but I gave up fairly quickly as I suck at Rogue Likes. Time and Eternity got panned by reviewers, but I didn’t hate it. The Punch Out like combat was interesting.

    • I enjoyed Disgea and I have to agree with you again about Guided Fate. I tried Time and Eternity and didn’t get pass the first 5 minutes, I really did not care for it. lol 🙂

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