Animal Crossing New Leaf Arrives June 2013


This past week Nintendo finally announced the release date for Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS.  This June you will be able to enjoy the next installment of the series!

I’m a huge fan of these games and I have played all of them going back to the original that was on the GameCube.  If you are new to the series, it’s a lovely game in which you move to a new town and do errands for towns folk for items and money.  You can expand your home and purchase tons of items for it and decorate it anyway you see fit.  The other great thing about this game is the seasons change and you get to experience holidays and other special events the whole year around.

You can also catch fish and bugs in the game to donate to your local museum so that its collection can grow.  Also, only certain insects and fish will be around during certain seasons so you can’t access everything all the time.  You also can find fossils and have wonderful skeletons of dinosaurs as well in your museum.  Other exciting things to note that as you pay on your home mortgage the local town’s shop grows and becomes bigger and offers more items for purchase.  The game really is fun and has endless possibilities for all that you can do in it.

animal crossing 3ds

In the upcoming version you actually become the Mayor of your town replacing the Tortimer.  Don’t worry we think he is alive and well in retirement!  In this version you also can customize your character a little bit better, it appears that you can be a bit more taller than you were in previous games.  Rumors are that you can also change the colors of furniture you own to give your space a more individualized feeling.

I know I will be purchasing this game as soon as it is released! I hope that Nintendo does right by this game and doesn’t pull what they recently did with Fire Emblem. As a big fan of the series I would like to actually own the game and not have to download it.  So mark your calendars folks for June 9 of this year! Check out the trailer below!

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