My Adventures in Manga: Rosario + Vampire

Rosario Vampire Logo

Playing video games isn’t all that I enjoy doing in my time. I really enjoy reading manga and one of my favorites is Rosario + Vampire by Akihisa Ikeda.

This is a wonderful heartwarming story of a young man named Tsukune Aono who as a last resort in looking for schools to attend after a failing semester, accidentally ends up at a school for monsters. Some how he has made it through the border surrounding it and no one has figured out that he really is a human.  Apparently at one point in time monsters and humans were great enemies and to help monsters learn to live among humans without them knowing about it they go to Yokai Academy.

Rosario Vampire Moka MeetsAfter starting there on his first day he meets the lovely Moka Akashiya, who everyone in school has a crush on.  He falls for her and they become very close friends.  Along the way they meet other friends who all happen to be women and who all happen to fall in love with Tsukune.  He of course is very awkward and only really wants Moka but all the girls try to get his attention.  All of the other girls he meets have great personalities and bring a lot to the storyline.  They are all individuals and enhance the story very well, so well in fact I feel terrible not putting there names in here!

Rosario Vampire Group

Even among making friends Tsukune has to keep his secret of being human or else they will kill him on site. This is easy since the school has a no monster form policy, however this policy isn’t always listened to by the students.  This results in many fights for Tsukune and his friends who range from a Succubus, Witch, Snow Fairy, all the way to a “S” class monster a Vampire! Also don’t worry if you don’t recognize a monster, the manga has helpful information on what monster they are fighting!

Rosario Vampire Succubus

Along the storyline the group of friends become closer and learn more about each other and the secrets of Yoki Academy. They learn the value of working in a team and how sometimes you just can’t do things alone without your friends with you.

The series is all about building bonds between monsters and humans, and sticking it out for your friends no matter what.  It can teach you to really look at another person’s side of things before assuming you know how they feel. It has a ton of fan service so if you don’t like  that then you may want to consider something else.  This manga has me laughing, crying and honestly thinking about people’s feelings more than usual.

There are two seasons of the manga available to read right now, the first season has 10 volumes that you can purchase, and the second season has 10 volumes as well. I have purchased them all just because it is a favorite of mine and the artwork is wonderful.  The drawings are very well done and are very clean, at times the portraits of the characters are breathtaking in my opinion.

rosario tsukune

There is an anime of the series and it of course is good but not as good as the actual manga.  The storyline isn’t the same as the manga, which is understandable but it can be a turn off.  The anime still is very well done and the American voice actors do not hurt it at all.  Just please be aware if you choose to watch it that it will be different than the manga.  The songs in the anime are also nice if you are like me and enjoy that sort of thing!

So if you like campy fun that encourages friendship with hot monsters this manga is a must for you to read! I have to add that if you enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer than you really might enjoy this series as well, there are a lot of similarities.  So go check out Rosario + Vampire and let me know what you think! If you don’t have the cash to drop on the manga you can read free manga including this one at ❤

5 thoughts on “My Adventures in Manga: Rosario + Vampire

  1. This is certainly the fourth posting, of your blog I personally read through.
    Still I really enjoy this specific one, “My Adventures in Manga: Rosario + Vampire
    | pixelheals” the most. Thank you -Sonja

  2. I enjoyed both the anime and manga. The comic was a bit weird in that it started like a harem show, but then turned into a Dragonball type series. What are your thoughts on season two’s finale? I thought it was okay, but would have preferred a more conclusive ending.

    • I have to confess I didn’t finish the series due to my husband wanting to catch up to where I was, and then it got dropped. I have a friend that told me the ending, and I have to say I would agree with your statement. I should fire it up this weekend and finish it!

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