4-Man Raiding: 25m ICC

Since reaching level 90 and getting some gear upgrades our 4 man group decided to attempt 25m ICC to see what kind of damage we could do.  We are also working on getting our friend shards for his Shadowmourne quest line and were curious to see how many we could help him collect.  We are hoping that we can get all that he needs to get the legendary weapon.  The shards drop on 25m mode and aren’t a guaranteed drop from the bosses but the more you can get down in ICC the better chance you have of collecting them.

I’m pretty happy to say we defeated 7 of the 12 bosses, so let’s get into the nitty gritty and discuss the players, and the strategies.

The Players:

Protection Paladin – item level 448

Ret Paladin (off spec heals) – item level 475

Arms Warrior – item level 469

Holy Paladin – item level 448

Your basic make up can change to a certain point however, you will need at least two people who can heal for the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter, we didn’t attempt with just one but it might be possible but will drag out the fight for those on the outside of the portals.

Icecrown Citadel 25m

The Lower Spire:

Lord Marrowgar: This fight is a pretty straight forward tank and spank.  The only issue we had at first were the spikes and we dealt with this by stacking on the tank.  And actually the healer can stand right under Marrowgar so they can get casts off without being in fire or spiked.

Lady Deathwhisper:  This fight is pretty easy, not too much trouble.  Just remember that the mind control is going to be your worst part of the fight.  Be ready to knock out the mind controlled person and you should be good.  There are ghosts, but their damage isn’t anything compared to what it was back in the day.  For the adds we put the tank on one side, one dps on the other and had the healer pull the one from the back.  The adds die pretty fast.  Just be aware of the re-animated corpse that Lady Deathwhisper will resurrect.  This left at least one dps on the boss and let the side who killed their adds first handle the one from the back of the room without moving much.

Gunship Battle:  This encounter is very very tricky as you will need to do more damage to their ship before they do it to yours.  We wiped a few times on this before we figured out our strategy.

One Important Tip: Make sure you have at least one person standing on the ship, not in a gun, when the fight starts or it will reset.

We had the healer, and the warrior in the guns the whole time.  The tank was in the guns with the other two until the guns were frozen by the mage and then the tank grabbed the adds while the ret pally jumped over to dps the mage.  As soon as the ret pally got back on our ship the tank jumped back on the guns passing the adds onto the ret pally to dps down.

The three people on the guns HAVE to stay at them at ALL COSTS, and the tank had to when he could.  The minute the guns are unfrozen everyone needs to get back into them and get back working on the guns.

This was by far the trickiest fight we encountered with the little bit we attempted so far.  Be aware of the damage you are inflicting on the other ship and have self heals ready to be used.

Deathbringer Saurfang:  We thought this fight would be more complicated than it was so we were pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

We had the ret pally stand with the tank on Saurfang to taunt off each other.  We had the holy pally stand in the back near the portal with righteous fury on to draw the adds to her, then the warrior took the adds down.  This fight worked out really well with our make up, and the healing didn’t get very engrossing until towards the end of the encounter.

The Plagueworks:

Festergut:  This fight is so easy to zerg, and that’s what we did.  Healer stood at range and everyone else stood in melee and we just dpsed the boss down.  The tank and ret pally taunted off each other at 8 stacks, as usual.  Easy tank and spank.

Rotface:  This is another zerg encounter.  We did have the holy paladin kite the ooze but other than that it was very easy to handle.

The Frostwing Halls:

Vallthria Dreamwalker:  This encounter we had the ret pally go holy so we had two healers to use the portals.  The adds on the outside had the usual priority as in regular, but don’t forget (like we did) that adds come out of all four hallways around Vallthria, not just the first two.

For those that are on the outside of the fight, have self heals ready since both healers will need to be focused on the boss.  Also, if you can spare a heal go ahead and throw it on Vallthria to help speed up the encounter.

This fight was pretty easy, however it was just a little long so be ready for a longer encounter than the others.

After Vallthria we called it there with it being late and not too sure about our strategies for the other encounters.  We did attempt Professor Putricide but couldn’t get the oozes down in enough time.  We are currently reconsidering our strategy for that encounter (I’ll take any suggestions too!).

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy many of these fights were for our little 4m team!  We got our friend closer to getting his shards for Shadowmourne and we also got some nice transmog gear too.  So if you want to go into 25m ICC with a small group it is definitely do able with a group as small as 4, so get in there and have some fun!  If you come up with other strategies for the other bosses please feel free to share them here or send me a private message.  We are happy to take any advice or see things from another perspective!

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