Skyrim Mod Highlighted: Succubus Race

As you can probably tell I do like to have some cute, fun, and sexy characters in my games.  If that is something you are into as well and you enjoy Skyrim then you need to check out this awesome race mod from Nikitta.  She has done it again and created another awesome mod that you can download from Skyrim Nexus Mods.  She has created a Succubus race mod!

A remnant of the past…
Succubi come from Oblivion. They were created by Sanghin, the Deadra god of lust to entertain him. Satisfied with them, he gave them the right to go play with mortals. Succubi are not evil and hate to hurt people they need, but they can be formidable warriors. After the Oblivion crisis, the number of Succubi fell; many of them have remained stuck in Oblivion. But it is said that some of them know the way to return to Mundus …

Playing as a Succubus offers you a few other perks including:
– Balanced and dynamic gameplay.
– New armors and weapons.
– Completely new spells and powers that are unique in Skyrim!
– Completely new magic effects, script, textures, and sounds.
– Fully voiced spells

You can start with 7 playable presets, and these lovely ladies are:

All of them look great and wear an outfit similar to the Dark Lilith set I featured a few posts back.

What is great about this mod is it’s not all about the appearance, you get a specific game play style as well.  These new styles offer you different abilities and options when healing, attacking or trying to avoid an attack.

Drain Energy: Drain: Succubus can’t heal with traditional spells, they have to use the drain spell to restore their life and inflict damage. You can use potions, eat or sleep to recovery your health. The higher the perk the more powerful the spell is. Drain doesn’t use magicka that’s why, it is the main power of a succubus. You can increase the damage and the health recovery of the spell by spending points in the “Drain fluid” perk.

Seduction: this spell turns any NPC into a puppet that you can control for a short time. It doesn’t work on followers. A guard blocking a locked door ? No problem, ask-him to open it for you. An annoying witness is watching you ? Ask them to wander. This is a strong power but you your targets cannot do anything against their faction. If you ask to your puppet to attack a member of their faction, the spell breaks and the two characters attack you. If you speak to a charmed taget, the spell dissipates. It’s a contact spell, this means that you have to touch your target to use the charm. You can increase the duration of the spell by spending points in the “Sex-appeal” perk. This spell is available only one time a day.

Voice of Succubus: Everybody will stop fighting for a short period. This can be good if your behavior triggers a riot. This spell is available only one time a day and use the Voice Power.

Succubus Resistance:
Blood of oblivion : Give you 50% of fire resistance.

As usual I would install this mod through the Skyrim Nexus mod manager for easiest installation. You will also need the ApachiiSkyHair for this mod to run properly.  Once you have the mod installed to play a Succubus I recommend to start a new game and select the succubus race when you are given the option to customize your character.

If you don’t want to start a new game you can do the following: If you use the command “showracemenu” all your stats will be reset. To avoid this, follow theses instructions (Be sure to make backup of a save before using this method):

In the console ² type “Player.setrace SuccubusRace”, your character race will be change into Succubus race. But you can see that your character have no hair ? To fix that, now enter “Showracemenu” the succubus is selected but you have to move very quickly the selection to Redgards and come back on Succubus before seeing the head of redgard. You can now customize your character. If you failed to do this, at the next load your character will have the “less head glitch.”

Be sure to read all the information on the mod before installing so you can make sure it works smoothly so you can jump right into the gameplay.


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