Sexy Skyrim Armor Mods Highlighted

There are a lot of great mods for Skyrim but I have to say that the armor mods are my favorite at the moment.  While I am still rocking the Blood Witch armor mod I covered last week I wanted to talk about a few of my most favorite sexy armor mods.  I do normally like to keep my girl in more traditional gear, however there are times when I really like her looking sexy!

Dark Lilith Armor Set

This one the tank found and I currently use the helmet as part of my main set all the time.  It’s a sexy little devil set, including a tattoo on the breast.  I love the horns as they sit on the side of the head and look like they might actually belong in the game.  The boots are high heels and offer a nice sexy touch to the full outfit.  The only thing it’s missing for me is a cute little devil tail!

The armor is light armor and offers 96 armor rating for the chest armor, 28 armor for the boots, 28 armor for the gloves, 40 armor for the helmet, and the wings offer 8 armor with an increase to your stamina by 20 points.

This set is available on Skyrim Nexus Mods and was created by Nikitaa.  Please be sure to install it through the mod manager and read all instructions on the download page to make sure it works smoothly.

TERA Armors for Skyrim

I am a huge fan of Tera Online and was super excited to see this mod added.  More armor mods are being created for this set.  Please be aware that you do have to craft it, so be sure you have your professions up and have the materials you need.  Right now there are three sets including the Elven Inquisition Armor – light armor of Elven armor value equivalency, Turncoat Armor – light armor of leather armor value equivalency, Stormcloak Operative Armor – light armor of Glass armor value equivalency.

All sets are very well designed and offer a real feel of Tera in Skyrim.  This mod is available through Skyrim Nexus Mods and was created by Silver0236 and Asianboy345.  As usual I recommend downloading and installing the mod through the mod manager offered by Skyrim Nexus Mods.  Also, please read all of the instructions given on the page to find out the other mods you will need to make sure this flatters your character correctly.

The Art of Magicka

This is a wonderful mod that offers a lot of sexy options for you robe wearers out there.  It was created by Zonzai and Kalell and is available also through Skyrim Nexus Mods.

The Art of Magicka (AOM) is an artwork and item expansion for Skyrim mages. But it is more than that. Combined with any magicka overhaul, AOM will help to reinvent the Skyrim mage experience by adding a dye system, powerful unlockable gear and over 600 craftable items (most of which are entirely new).

Please read all of the instructions on their page located here to make sure it works smoothly and wonderfully!

Skimpy Armor Set

This mod doesn’t really add anything to the game, it just alters some of the basic sets already offered.  It takes the regular gear and makes them…well as it states, skimpy!  This is created by Fgem and is available as well on Skyrim Nexus Mods.  The mod covers the following armor: Orcish, steel plate, scaled, wolf, iron, steel, hide, imperial (light and medium), stormcloaks, studded and fur armor.

This is a great mod if you want to keep the feel of the original armor but want your character to have a more sexier version of the armor.  There is another version being created that is just as good but might be a bit more conservative called Killer Keos Skimpy armor.  This mod offers more coverage in gear but still has a sexy feminine attitude.

These are just a few of all of the sexy Skyrim armor mods out there.  I am sure there are tons more, however these are a few of my favorites.  Do you use sexy armor mods?  If so what is your favorite one?

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