Skyrim Mod Highlight: Blood Witch Armor

I don’t use a lot of mods when I play Skyrim because to me in all honesty I enjoy most of the game for what it is.  However there are a few mods that I can’t live without once I have started using them.  The last mod highlight featured the Lunari Race and this highlight will be on the Blood Witch Armor mod created by Zerofrost Satyr. This mod is also available through Skyrim Nexus.  I would recommend downloading and installing this mod through the mod manager from Skyrim Nexus.

The Blood Witch Armor is a classy but sexy armor set in my opinion.  It has a nice deep red leather look that covers the full body.  There is a very impressive metal sleeve that wraps around the shoulder.  It fits as light armor and has great stats for those that choose to wear it.  The armor defense base ratings are: Boots 13, Cuirass 39, and Gauntlet 18.  It is also has features with smithing and it is temperable. As you increase your light armor skill the armor will increase with you so you really can keep this set for a while. There is no helmet with this set, the horns you see in the pictures are another mod I’ll discuss in another post. 🙂 They are not part of the Blood Witch armor set.

Once the mod is installed just pop over to Markarth and get into the abandoned house near the front of the town. *Spoilers coming next* There are two vampires guarding the lock box and one has the key to get inside.  They do tend to hit hard so just an fyi for those that want to be aware.

I have had this mod installed for a while and I thought for sure I would get bored with the look of the armor but I have to say I haven’t yet.  It’s a nice classy look and honestly makes the other gear in the game I thought looked good before look not nearly as good.  I see myself continuing to use this armor set for a while.  I even got the tank to drop his Dark Lillth set for the Blood Witch armor. So do you have a favorite armor set? Why do you like it?

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