Skyrim Home Purchasing Guide

Home owner ship is a great thing and offers many benefits to those that go that route, not just in real life but also in Skyrim. In Skyrim you can purchase up to 5 houses and each has something to offer you.  They vary in cost, amenities, and are limited to what the local town has to offer.  I have my favorite homes that I have purchased in the game, let’s take a look at all of them, their cost, and what they can offer you.


Breezehome located in White Run is a lovely home.  After completing the Dragon Rising quest line you can purchase the home from Proventus in the Jarl’s court.  The initial cost of the home is $5,000 and the upgrades cost $1,800, with a total cost of $6,800.

The upgrades to the home include:

  • Living Room $250
  • Dining Room – $250
  • Kitchen – $300
  • Loft – $200
  • Bedroom – $300
  • Alchemy Lab – $500

This is the cheapest home you can purchase in Skyrim and probably the fastest.  If you stick along the main quest line for a little bit you can purchase this home in no time.  Every time I make a new character I always buy this home, I like the town of White Run and what it has to offer since I am working on Smithing.  It has a stable out front if I ever need to take it, and usually starting out one does, and the town has a lovely lady that sells potions, a general goods person, and a deep dark secret living in the basement.  The few things the house lacks are an enchanting lab and mannequins for armor display.


Honeyside home is located in Riften and can be purchased from Anuriel after completing the Skooma Trade quest and helping citizens with their quests to give yourself reputation.  The initial cost of the home is $8,000 and the upgrades cost $4,300, with a total cost of $12,300.

The upgrades to the home include:

  • Porch – $400
  • Kitchen – $500
  • Bedroom – $600
  • Garden – $800
  • Alchemy Lab – $1,000
  • Enchanting Lab – $1,000

Honeyside can be purchased relatively early on in the game, however it does cost a bit more than Breezehome.  If having your own enchanting lab in your home is important than purchasing Honeyside would be a better option for you.  It does offer weapon and shield displays, mannequins and a four space weapon rack as well.  The home is close to the Thieves Guild, has fast access to Skyrim for a quick escape if needed, and the garden upgrade produces alchemy and food ingredients.  There is no smelter in the city however for those of you leveling your smithing skills.


Hjerim is located in Windhelm and can be purchased from Jorleif after completing Liberate Falkreath Hold or capture Windhelm and Blood on the Ice.  The initial cost of the home is $12,000 and the upgrades cost $9,000, with a total cost of $21,000.

The upgrades to the home include:

  • Armory – $2,000
  • Enchanting Lab – $1,500
  • Alchemy Lab – $1,500
  • Living Room – $1,500
  • Bedroom – $1,000
  • Kitchen – $1,000
  • Clean up – $500

Hjerim is one of my favorite homes in the whole game.  I love the story behind it and I won’t give spoilers away but I will say most of the time I don’t go for the cleanup upgrade (judge me what you will).  The quest line Blood on the Ice was fun and really made me enjoy the house more.  I love how large the home is and I feel for myself it offers good storage.  The home offers both an enchanting and alchemy lab, and there are smithing amenitites and a smelter in the town.  There is a Windhelm fence nearby which is nice since many other fences require at least one additional transition to reach or are hard to track down.  Some people don’t like the storage space offered for the enchanting and alchemy labs.

Vlindrel Hall

Vlindrel Hall is located in Markarth and can be purchased from Raerek.  There are various ways you can purchase the home, one is to complete two quests for Jarl Igmund (Kill Leader of a Forsworn group and find Hrolfdir’s Shield – available at level 20), complete Liberation of Skyrim or complete Season Unending.  The initial cost of the home is $8,000 and the upgrades cost $4,200, with a total cost of $12,200.

The upgrades to the home include:

  • Bedroom – $800
  • Living Room – $900
  • Enchanting Lab – $1,000
  • Alchemy Lab – $1,000
  • Entrance – $500

The home has both an alchemy and enchanting table and has a thieves guild fence located nearby.  It has great space for book collectors, with three large bookshelves located next to each other.  Smithing amentities are available and a Smelter, but they are across town with a bit of a distance between them.  It has one way in and one way out so leaving town fast can be a bit of a challenge.  Dragons might attack within the walls of Markarth, even though it’s rare it’s still dangerous.  Personally I can’t find anything in this town when I visit so I usually don’t purchase it on my characters.

Proudspire Manor

Proudspire Manor is located in Solitude and can be purchased from Falk Firebeard after completing the Man Who Cried Wolf and Elisif’s Tribute quest line.  The initial cost of the house is $25,000 and the upgrades cost $11,000, with a total cost of $36,000.

The upgrades include:

  • Bedroom – $2,000
  • Living Room – $2,000
  • Alchemy Lab – $2,500
  • Enchanting Lab – $2,500
  • Kitchen – $1,500
  • Patio – $500

This is the most expensive home for sale in the game.  It has both an alchemy and enchanting table, however it is smaller and offers fewer storage options than Hjerim in Windhelm.  The town offers excellent amenities, it also has a local fence nearby and it is the location of a Stone of Barenziah, making it very desirable.  I have to say I don’t spend much time in Solitude either and I find myself getting lost…I think I went there for a wedding once… For me personally the cost and lack of storage in the home isn’t worth in for me so far.

I have to say for me the homes I enjoy the most are the ones with a story attached and perhaps for more sentimental reasons one of the first homes I bought when I first played the game on my very first assassin.  I know I’ll always have a home in White Run, as well as a home in Windhelm.  What about you? What is your favorite home? Why do you like it?

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