Skyrim Mod Highlight: Lunari Race

I have been playing Skyrim with a passion lately and have fallen in love with all the mods that have been created for the game.  One of my favorites is the Lunari Race mod created by beaktisean.  You can download this mod through the Skyrim Nexus Mod community, I suggest using the mod manager for easiest installment.

The Lunari mod adds a new race to the game for you to play as.  I know this might seem like over kill as there is already a lot of races to play as but it adds another race with a different appearance than the original ones.

So who are the Lunari?  According to the creator beaktisean, the Lunari are rare women of an ancient bloodline that came from the unlikely union between the famous Nord hunter Saeryn and Rae’Li, a legendary archer and huntress of the rare Sun’Li tree elves.  The Lunari prefer to live outside of busy cities and have been known to enchant trees into massive homes. They are a stronger and longer lived race than Nords, and have slightly pointy ears from their elven mother.  They are gifted with regen and their inherited the combined combat powers from both parents.  Their skills with weapons, especially bows, is second to none.

When starting out in Skyrim as the Lunari Race you are given the following:

+10 to Archery
+8 to One-Handed
+8 to Two-Handed
+9 to Block
+9 to Light Armor
+8 to Speech
+8 to Restoration

The race also has greater overall health and strength, with faster regeneration (Magicka, Health, and Stamina).  They have a natural resistance to shock (50%) and may cast an immunity spell by voice (assigned to z key like shouting) that will cure disease and heal.

The mod also comes with over 45 custom eye textures, with several new eyeliner and eye shadow colors.  It also has 24 different eyebrow textures, tweaked and modified.  A recent update as added more hair colors and the mod also works well with the UNP & CBBE mod.

My Overall Thoughts on the Mod:

As my main girl right now is an archer and a regular sword and board in light armor being a Lunari fit for more reasons than just appearance.  I have to say that this mod is gorgeous and I’m very happy with it so far.  I love my Lisbeth and find the Lunari race mod perfectly designed for my preference and use.  As someone who just started Dawnguard having my own spell to cure disease is very helpful as well, instead of spending over 200 gold on potions or making sure I have the materials to make my own.  I will be using this mod for a long time and for other characters.

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