Pixel Confessions: I love Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore.

After reading that I bet you had some images in your mind. What were they? Were they of a powerful mage trying to bring peace to the world? Were they of a woman in love with a Prince, who found out he was a monster? Were they of a woman that is a diplomat who puts others and the world ahead of herself? Or did you see all of these things?

This post is about Jaina, as I see her. Someone who has played since Wrath, and who has read some of the Warcraft books.

I love Jaina Proudmoore.

I have to admit in Wrath I couldn’t stand her when I saw her. I wasn’t involved much in the lore then, and pretty much wasn’t fully aware of what was going on in the game right away. I was just trying to learn how to play the game, how to heal, and how to raid, the lore behind it all didn’t seem important at the time.

I just remember the little bit I saw of her she seemed to be crying and whining a lot, something about this guy named Arthas and some war going on that I was fighting in. My friends and I made fun of her, even in Halls of Reflection as we are running up the hallway out, she’s crying to this guy that I’m trying to kill and escape from. I just kept thinking, run woman, we can’t do this here, why are you crying?

Then I read Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden.

I loved the book. I know it seems like there are a million people out there that are ready to put down the books attached to Warcraft, and for some I do agree, however this post is not about the books and the skill involved in writing them. This post is about my love for the character of Jaina.

In Arthas I saw this wonderfully strong woman, who like many of us, fell in love and was happy but then in a tragic turn of events had this one person she loved taken away. In this book I fell in love with Arthas, but more importantly, I fell in love with Jaina.

It made her real to me, and it showed me the story behind the scenes, the one I didn’t get to see or experience in the game. I saw the heart break at Stratholme, I saw the joy she and her lover shared being together, and the positive influence she had on everyone around her. I saw and experienced the heartbreak that happened on that chilly Winter Veil night. I read about her strength and care for others and for the overall belief to always do what was right, no matter what, even if it hurt her own feelings in the end.

After reading the book I started to look around at other examples, she was in the trailer for Ulduar and she is also at the Trial of the Crusader. However, she isn’t there just for the Alliance, Jaina is a strong diplomat for both the Horde and the Alliance, and really to me she seems like one of the true guardians of Azeroth. The friendships she is able to form with leaders on both sides of the factions, and how they respect her opinion is impressive as well.

I understand why she was sad in Wrath, but I have to say it doesn’t mean I like it. However, let’s face it, after a bad break up and if your ex turned out to be trying to kill everyone and take over the world, wouldn’t you go through a little bit of a down time? I know I would have some tears thrown in there, but at the end of the day I think I would probably stop crying and get mad. Mad that this person lied, killed, and cheated but also mad at what took them away from whom they originally were.

She did play a role in the Cataclysm book, however, at least horde side all I saw of her in the expansion was her showing up at the wedding for Thrall. In the book she was a wonderful diplomat, again, that brought together Varian Wrynn and Baine Bloodhoof in a peaceful environment. However, that seemed the extent of her activities (from what I can remember), and like I said, at least Horde side I didn’t see much of her in the game. This saddened me and left me kind of shocked. I was hoping to see what she was doing after the fall of the Lich King and the death of Arthas.

With the release of the leader stories recently, I was hoping for one for Jaina (among a NEW one for the Blood Elves) and I was let down.  She had no story, she really seemed to me to take a back seat in this expansion for some reason, and it let me down.

We know in the MoP expansion that Theramore Island will be under attack and rumors are is that it will be on fire. This makes me a bit sad I have to say, since my first toons were Alliance and I remember to this day my tank and I on the island questing and fighting huge aquatic creatures and murlocks. However, I am excited to see what this does to Jaina. Will it change her? Will it make her stronger, or will it break her?

I’m looking forward to the book coming out this summer about her. I hope it doesn’t sell her short, and I hope it fills in some blanks about what she’s been doing, feeling and what is in store for her next. I hope that Jaina continues to be a wonderfully complex character that stays strong to who she is at her core, which it something it seems she always tries to do.

That is why I love Jaina Proudmoore.

Artwork is done by Chenbo.

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