Woot! Level Capped…Now What?

So this week the tank and I hit level 50 in Star Wars the Old Republic on our first characters! We were both so excited about reaching level cap and finishing our storyline!

Then…silence. We both looked at each other and said…well, now what do we do?

We have both sworn off raiding for numerous personal reasons so we were a little confused as to what we wanted to do next. After a bit of discussion I realized what I wanted to focus on after reaching level cap.

  1. Flashpoints – I want to go back and complete any flashpoints I missed for many reasons. One reason is to collect any pieces of gear that I might want for any role-playing purposes. Another reason I want to do old flashpoints is because I’m a title collector and some titles you can receive from making certain decisions in the flashpoints. I also like to push myself with the them. I want to see how many the tank and I can do with just the two of us and our companions. We really want to test our skills and push hard on certain content.
  2. Wrap Up Uncompleted Missions – I want to finish any Bonus Series missions that we either skipped or weren’t high enough level to complete. I also want to tackle any 2 Heroic or 4 Heroic missions we may have not attempted while in certain areas. Not only do I find these missions interesting for the story, but also unlocking any piece of gear that might be fun to own is always tempting for me!
  3. Dailys – Due to previous games I’ve played, I’m a little hesitant on wanting to do dailys. I don’t want to spend my whole time in game completing them for little to no reward. I do plan on giving them a chance and hopefully I won’t find them as much of a chore as I did before. I am currently wanting to save up for a faster level of traveling on my speed bike so dailys will have to be a must.
  4. Leveling My Sage – Yes! I’ve joined the Light Side! In all seriousness, the tank and I are interested in seeing the Republic side of things, and in experiencing new story-lines. I currently have a level 10 Sage who is just waiting on a Jedi Knight to be created so they can dominate the universe together!
  5. Making My Companions Like Me – After unlocking one of the relationships with my Imperial Agent’s companions I am very interested in unlocking information on my other friends. One thing this game has thought me is companions aren’t what they seem at first and getting to know them can really make you change your mind about who they are and if you want them around. I would like to see all of their story-lines and have them like me in return. I feel like some people might over look the importance of the companion story-lines and not realize how interesting it can be!

At this moment those are just a few of the things I want to focus on at level cap. I’m sure I’ll think of more as the tank and I do more in the game.

But enough of talking about me, let’s talk about you! What did you focus on when you reached 50? Did you roll another character? Did you farm anything? What were you excited about when you reached level cap?

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