Social Vendors: Why It’s Cool to be Social

Continuing the idea of fashion this week, as mentioned in my previous blog post the tank and I are moving up on the social points ladder in Star Wars the Old Republic. This means that we will be collecting some pieces of gear that we like from the social vendors very soon. These items are all orange so you can modify them to your character’s specific statistics. This means that if you’d like to tank, heal or dps in a version of the slave Leia outfit you can.

You earn social points when you group up with others to do missions and flashpoints. You earn more points for having more people in your group and when your character gets to respond in the cinematic. There are social vendors located throughout the Universe that sell various social outfits.  Almost all of the vendors are found near a cantina so they are pretty easy to get to once on a planet.  As mentioned above, all of them are fully mod-able, so you can fill them up with all the stats you need.  However, do remember that they are all light armor so if that is an issue for you, you may want to reconsider using these items.

What you will find in this post are the social vendors, the social level required to purchase/wear the items, and their credit cost for each planet.  There are a few sets that differ for Republic and Empire, I believe I have them all, however if I missed one just let me know please!  After the social vendors I have images of the items available from the key vendors as well as the sets one can have access to thanks to the collector’s edition of the game.  Please note I did not include the sets you can purchase with Fleet Commendations.  They do require social levels to purchase, but you receive the commendations by participating in space combat.  As always, for a larger image of the picture please just click on it.

Social Level I:

Coruscant: This is Republic only.

Dromund Kaas: This is Empire and male only

Social Level II


Nar Shaddaa:

Social Level III



Social Level IV




Social Level V



Social Level VI


Collector’s Edition Sets

The Collector’s Edition Vendor gear doesn’t require a social level, however I wanted to include them in this post anyway.



Security Key Vendor

The Security Key Vendor gear doesn’t require a social level, however I wanted to include them in this post for those interested.


Republic: This is buggy on the preview window, however it’s similiar to the one in Nar Shaddaa, just more red.

2 thoughts on “Social Vendors: Why It’s Cool to be Social

  1. Excellent post! Thanks for putting this all together for us. Maybe Bioware will change this a little and offer Medium and Heavy options. It makes me feel sorry for my fellow gamers that can’t utilize the social gear because of the armor type limits. I understand it might be more for costume.. something to wear in the city, but both would be great. I read that it was offered this way in Beta.

  2. Also, if you are a class that wears Light armor… when you unlock Social I or II, you should purchase those first social sets because you will not find a full set of “Orange” mod gear for a while. This kind of gives the Light Armor wearers a bit of an edge.

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