War, Fashion and the Empire

I like to collect clothes…a lot. Not in real life, but in my MMOs, collecting clothes and armor is an obsession at times. You may or may not have noticed by my screenshots that my Imperial Agent has changed her gear at least 4 times, and I’m not finished yet! I’m currently on the lookout for even more gear for her. My tank is also getting in on the fashion action, he is still in his gear that he received at low level, and he is farming NPCs for the matching pieces of the set.

Thanks to the orange gear that Star Wars the Old Republic has, my Agent can wear anything that is medium armor or light armor and is orange (for more info on orange gear click here for a previous post). I do want to stick more to medium armor since it’s the highest level of armor I can wear.

I go through phases on my Agent where I am proud to be an Imperial Agent and I wear my Uniform with pride. However, there are other times when due to the story or the need to be undercover I want nothing to do with my Imperial Uniform. There are even other times when I just want to feel like a sexy gun-crazy Chiss while I’m saving the Universe. Nothing wrong with a little blood on the flesh to remind you what you are fighting for!

My Past and Present Fashion

Current Outfit: Showing Some Skin for the Empire

Chest: Agile Wisdom Vest

Gloves: Marksman Elite Prototype Gloves

Legs: TD-07A Panther Leggings

Boots: Sniper Elite Prototype Boots

At the moment I am wearing this, it’s not a perfect set but I am enjoying showing off some of my blue skin! What is funny is the tank found this piece for me on the Galactic Trade Network right before we went to Hoth. I found it humorous that I would decide to wear something a bit more revealing on my Agent when we were going to a planet covered in snow and known for its extreme cold temperatures.

I’m pretty happy with this outfit but the boots bother me, they draw too much attention to them for my tastes but I am currently looking for a replacement. I don’t have a helmet to match this set since I don’t ever really show my helmet. This is her “flirty” and “bad girl” outfit. It’s just meant to be fun, and she wouldn’t dare really wear this to Imperial Intelligence, but while she’s out in the field, it’s nice to let your skin breath.

As you’ll notice as you read more below you can see that I’ve re-used some of the items. They seem to match well and I haven’t found anything better at this point.


My Third Outfit: Ready to Serve

Chest: Imperial Coordination Prototype Jacket

Pants: TD-07A Panther Leggings

Boots: TD-042 Spec Ops Boots

Hat: TD-07A Panther Headgear

I really loved this outfit at the time I found it because I was really into the missions I was doing for the Empire. I was also in an area where I was encouraged to not hide my status as an Agent. This was pretty neat for me, since most of my Agent’s career I’m not supposed to be an arm of the Empire. I will forever love this outfit, and when I do wear it I’m proud to be able to look like Imperial Intelligence. Overall it’s just cool beans!

I’m very pleased with this outfit, I even like the helmet, even though I don’t show it unless I’m really in the zone. I adore this chest piece and love walking into Imperial Intelligence with this on, it really does make me squee some!

My Second Outfit: Undercover Sister

Chest: Synthmesh Battle Jacket

Hands: Synthmesh Battle Gloves

Legs: Plastifiber Barrage Leggings

Boots: TD-042 Spec Ops Boots

I really liked this outfit because the color matched my skin very well. I also liked the hood that rested on my back, although I would love to be able to actually have a hood on my Agent. It had a nice feel to it, I actually felt like I could touch the fabric that runs down the arms in the chest piece.

This set is nice, it’s not one of my favorites but it was a fun set to try out. I really like the overall feel of this on my Agent and feel like it’s a good outfit not to really stand out in but to be prepared for anything for. This is what I would imagine she would wear for undercover missions, something that doesn’t scream I LOVE THE EMPIRE AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

My First Outfit: Certified Bad-Ass

Pants: TD-07A Panther Leggings

Chest: Black Talon Operative’s Jacket

Boots: TD-04B Spec Ops Boots

I loved this outfit and felt very lucky that the chest piece dropped for me the first time the tank and I did the Black Talon flashpoint. It has a Bounty Hunter feel to it, but the grey works well for an Imperial Agent. I always love the long trench coat look and the way it moves is wonderful! One thing I hated before in other MMOs is that if I had a cloak it wouldn’t move, it would just stay in one position all the time. In SWTOR the long jackets and the cloaks move with your body and the environment. Nothing was cooler for me than jumping towards an enemy in this outfit with my gun blazing!

I had to slowly add to this set as it was one of the first piece of orange gear I ever received in the game. This is a really fun set for me that I know I will continue to revisit. This is totally for undercover use but honestly I could see her relaxing in this gear in her down time.

My Future Fashion and My Role in the Empire

Currently I am on the lookout for a medium armor skirt to match my top. So far the only one I have found that I like is from the Social Vendor on Voss. They have a nice skirt that could match, however it is light armor so I’m still debating on this issue. However, as a side note, the whole social set on Voss is AMAZING! The tank and I are closing in on Social Level V and I’m super excited to unlock the set!

One thing that is kind of holding me back from going the full skirt route is I feel like I’ll look more like my Sith Sorcerer in that armor and I’m far from being a Sith. This kind of concerns me, especially since my Agent really can’t stand Sith and all the trouble they cause (that she has to clean up), but sometimes throwing the enemy off on who I am can be a good thing right? I’m sure there are many Sith who might be offended and honestly? That would please my Agent greatly. She fears no Sith and would like to give them all a taste of their own medicine at times.

So what about you? What gear are your characters wearing? Are you incorporating role-playing into your clothing or just going for the cool eye-candy factor?

11 thoughts on “War, Fashion and the Empire

  1. On the topic of your clothing moving with you, unlike some other MMOs… I have a squee every time that my character’s, and companion’s, clothing blows up in the air when we are riding an elevator down. Or better yet, when the Twi’lek Lekku blow up! 😛

  2. I’m so freakin jealous. Most of these options are not available Republic side, and most medium armor jedi pieces are all about HOODIES. And the smuggler pieces certainly aren’t as slick as the agent ones.

    • I have to agree with you here, even though I don’t have a lot of experience on the Republic side at the moment. One of my tank’s companions is a Jedi and the gear looks totally different on her than on us and it took us forever to finally find a piece we felt looked good on her that wasn’t just a hoodie and a tan color.

      I understand the differences in the clothing for the different sides, but as of this point I’m not super impressed with many outfits on the Republic side. I hope my opinion will change as we slowly start to level our Republic girls.

      Thanks again for the comment! 🙂

      • I was informed on “THE TWITTERZ” that at the summit they said that they were changing orange gear a bit and that we’d have access to items that were currently restricted to the other faction. However, I haven’t seen that tidbit anywhere else, so I don’t want to get my hopes up.

      • Mmm…that is interesting. I’ll have to look back and see if I notice anything. I don’t remember any specifics but they are making some changes to orange gear however from what I remember I didn’t see anything stated like that, but I could have missed it! Here’s to hoping though! ❤

  3. Just found this from Google and I’m totally digging that “Ready to Serve” outfit of yours. I just got TOR and my IA will soon be getting that armor—nice to know what the matching pieces are. I hope it will look as cool on my male Rattataki.

    Sadly, my server’s economy is rather… insubstantial, so I have no idea how I’m going to keep it up-to-date. (Short of taking up Cybertech on another character.)

    • Check out my post on being orange located here. It talks about item modification vendors located on every planet! You can buy the modifications with commendations from mission rewards. They may not be the super best mods, because you can craft a little bit better ones with Cybertech however they are still a great source for those without that profession.

      I wish you great luck in SWTOR and I hope you have as much fun on your Agent as I do!!

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