No Where Else I’d Rather Be

As the tank and I are closing in on reaching 50, we seem to be roaming the galaxy more than ever in Star Wars the Old Republic! We are discovering new planets and new troubles, but at the same time we seem to be revisiting some places. Some of these places are a welcome sight for sore eyes and others I could go without seeing again for a long time!

For example, Dromund Kaas was a place I hated seeing for a while because I was always there it seemed, and I always had to end up going back there when I thought I had gotten away. However, after realizing how important it is to the Empire and to the lore, I have recently come to enjoy visiting there.

My tank loves Nar Shaddaa, Alderaan and Belsavis, and I have to agree with him on those choices. Nar Shaddaa is one hell of a town and seems to have everything a city girl could want when it comes to atmosphere. Alderaan was just beautiful to experience; the snow and the fancy noble homes were amazingly gorgeous for me. Belsavis is so interesting lore wise to me since it is a Republic Prison that even held Dread Masters!

Now I know we still have more to explore but so far we have our favorite planets to visit and do our missions on.

What are your favorite planets? Why? Is it for the missions? Do you like the atmosphere or is the lore alone the main reason you like the planet?

2 thoughts on “No Where Else I’d Rather Be

  1. I love the development of all of the planets, honestly. For example, at first, I thought Tatooine was going to be pretty drab…. but I found myself so impressed with the beauty that SWToR created within the dry sand covered planet.

    …Hey, maybe a followup poll on your most disliked planet. 😛

    • I have to agree with you there. Some of the planets you thought you’d hate could actually turn out being one of your favorite places. I agree about Tatooine, it was amazing even if to some it was just sand!

      I’ll consider your request as well on a follow-up poll!

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