Some Wishes and Likes

My first character in Star Wars the Old Republic was my Sith Twi’lek and I loved her! The Twi’lek is just one of my favorite Star Wars species and I was very excited to get a chance to play one. I also loved the gear that the Sith Sorcerer received, however at a very low level I came across something I wish I could change.

I had received a hooded top for a quest reward and when I tried to equip it, my head band, that I had spent time picking out when I made her, disappeared. So if I didn’t have my helmet showing it looked like my Twi’lek was bald. While there is nothing wrong with that, I however didn’t pick that for her to look like on the creation screen. I was a little disappointed but found a work around with another piece of gear. However, from then on out if the reward had a hood I never would pick it and I deliberately sought out pieces that were without hoods. This was a little disappointing since I wanted to see her in a hood but I dealt with it.

The other evening my tank and I were discussing another similar situation and I started to think of a couple of things I wish they would add or change in the game to enhance the gaming experience. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the game and I feel it’s wonderfully developed! These are just some suggestions to make it even better!

  1. Dark Side Levels – I’d like to be able to pick which level of Dark Side corruption we can show on our character. I love Dark III personally, but I didn’t like Dark IV on my Twi’lek but I couldn’t go back without losing Dark points. It would be nice if you could pick which level to show, instead of just all or nothing.
  2. Companion’s Gear – When I got my first helmet for my Imperial Agent’s companion I was excited. She needed the gear to make her better, so I equipped it and was instantly scared. It looked horrible on her, and it didn’t come off in the mission scenes. I directly went to the options menu to find a way to turn off this feature and didn’t find it. I was stuck having my companions with these weird things on their head. I have opted to not have them wear a helmet at all unless I feel it will really help their performance on a tough mission. It would be nice if we could have an option to toggle that on and off as one wanted.
  3. Weapons – I’d like to be able to try on the weapons in the dressing room. This is really important to be when it comes to orange items since they are hopefully going to stick with you for a while. What makes it a bit more annoying is the resources on the internet don’t have a lot of images, so even if you wanted to try and see what it looked for that way, the chances are you won’t find an image. It would be nice if when you opened the dressing room you could see what the weapons looked like.
  4. Mailbox – It would be nice if you had a way to access a mailbox on your ship. You are rested, you have access to your cargo hold, why no personal mail delivery? I guess it could be a lot to expect someone to track you down in the galaxy to deliver you your mail, but it would be a nice add-on to the game.
  5. Interruptions – I would like it that when my companions came back to me from their mission, if they wouldn’t bump me out of searching the Galactic Trade Network or other windows that I have open. SWTOR has a lovely way to show you that you have a pending mission and I wish they would use it more so this isn’t a problem. It’s very annoying to be bumped out every time someone comes back from a mission.

I don’t want to leave this post as a negative one, so let’s talk about some things I really love about this game.

  1. The Map – The map for me is awesome. I can target the things I’m looking for, I can move the map thanks to the lovely green arrows, and it fades when I move so I can leave it open while I travel. Coming from the few other games I’ve played this map is very dynamic and puts everything where I can find it easily.
  2. Professions – The whole system of leveling professions is amazing to me. The way they connect to each other and how you can use your companions to get your materials and to craft it while you work on missions is very liberating for me. Before in previous games, hours were wasted just picking herbs, mining, etc… In this game your companions waste their time and you profit!
  3. Storyline – As someone who dabbled a little into role-playing but never developed their characters fully in other games, I am loving being immersed in my character in this game. I know all my characters, how they think and feel. I get mad when I am betrayed and giggle when I get to flirt. Most importantly I understand why I’m doing what I am and how it pertains to me and the galaxy. I really feel like I am part of the Star Wars Universe.
  4. Companions – I love how the companion system works, and what all they can do for you. I enjoy the relationship aspect of it and the flirting is very sweet and kind. I would like to be able to talk to them anytime though, not just when they want to. I will say that I do hope they offer the option of same sex relationships in the game as they have announced that they would in an upcoming patch. I also hope that they will allow for the corruption of some companions, to avoid spoilers I won’t go into details here, but it’s an option I would like to have.
  5. Chatting – I ADORE that I can hide the chat log. I hated that in other games I couldn’t turn that feature off. Half the time the chat is random, it can be offensive or just plain distracting while you are trying to complete your missions. I know my friends probably hate that this is an option, since I’m hard to get a hold of now, but this is a wonderful option for people like me who want to just focus at times.

So what are some things you would like to see in game and what are some things you love that are already in place? If you choose to leave a comment please keep it positive, I don’t want this to turn into a gripe fest please.

4 thoughts on “Some Wishes and Likes

  1. I take a lot of screenshots. The game just looks so epic! However, recently they are not being taken. So, I downloaded Fraps to take screenshots. I would rather not run another application to take screenshots.

    I also would like a hood toggle. I love having a hood, and seeing it up… but it would be nice to pull it off my head while I am in the cantina.. etc. Not a big issue though.

    • I agree about the screenshots. I can take plenty out of the mission scenes, but during them, when some of the best shots are shown of my girls it’s a crap shoot if I’ll grab them or not. I would like that to change as well!

      A hoodie toggle would have helped my Twi’lek for sure! Good suggestion! It’s nice to let your hoodie down and relax in the cantina!

    • lol. I agree more clothing for him would be nice. Have you checked out the customizations for him? Maybe there is one with more armor.

      I would like a way to shrink him if possible, lol. He always seems to get in my way when I try to click things!

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