Creating Your Own Legacy

Recently my dad leveled his favorite and very first character in Star Wars the Old Republic to a point where he finished his first Act. He loved his new title and enjoyed unlocking a new part in his story, however he did have a question. What is this “Legacy” thing that pops up?

After a brief talk explaining to him what it might mean in game and how it’s not exactly fully set up yet, he asked the million-dollar question. “Well what should my name be then?”

One thing you have to know about my dad is, he is very unique when picking names for himself in MMOs. He doesn’t put much thought into the name and will take a very silly one from the name generator or even make a smart-ass name. So when he asked what his name should be I was happy to help since this name would follow all of his characters through out the game. I warned him that this would be a long process possibly and would require patience and planning.

Picking my own Legacy name was hard enough, and I’ve delved a little into role playing before so I could only imagine what my dad, who never pays attention to story-lines and doesn’t think about character development could be going through when picking a Legacy name. We both wanted it to be serious and to accurately represent all of his characters and their relationships.

Let’s look at two ways that I have used to help myself and those in my life come up with their Legacy name.

Let’s Role Play!

One method I used for my personal Legacy name was really diving deep into who my character was and I then approached it from a role-playing route. Here are some steps you can take to really get into the mind of your character that might help you find your Legacy name.

To get started, think about your main character, think about their past, their future, and their storyline so far. Develop their personality, identify their goals, and find their strengths and weaknesses. Really give this character a life, so its not just pixels.

While doing this process, please keep in mind that the Legacy system is a way to identify your characters that share relationships. They could have been family, enemies, or allies. The Legacy name will show that these characters have at least one thing in their history that is shared. It could be a battle; it could be a secret lover, or a moment of betrayal.

Another thing to think about is the other characters you may have already made and how you think they would have encountered your main character. Then consider how your main character might react to their encounter with your other characters.

From walking this path a Legacy name might jump out at you that describes it all perfectly, this is what happened for me. After this long process I went with “Veil” as my Legacy name. I felt it fit my character and that it would describe the veil of shadows she would put over those she encountered. This would leave their stories with their own veil of what occurred.

If that method was a bit to intense or drawn out for you let’s go to one that’s a bit more straight to the point.

Going the More Obvious Route

For some people the role-playing planning process can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. There is another way that might be helpful and a bit more straightforward when trying to create a Legacy name.

Come up with words that you feel describe your main character. These could be words describing them physically, emotionally or mentally. From those words you can use a Thesaurus to help expand the basic words, and you can even combine some of the letters together to create a name that you would like.

You can also take possible name choices you have identified and translate them into other languages so that you can get the name you want without it be so obvious or seeming “cheesy.”

For example, my tank loved the idea of a Legacy name of “Slayer” for his warrior, but felt it was a bit obvious and might not fit his other characters as well. Well after some time spent online and some creative licensing, we came up with the Legacy name “Asesina.” This is a play on the Spanish translation of “Slayer.” He was pleased and proudly wears the name over all of his characters.

These are just two possible ways that you can use to come up with your own Legacy name. I’m sure there are other methods out there but these were the two that helped me the most. What was the way you found your Legacy name? Feel free to share your process or suggestions in the comments!

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