My Friends are Cooler than Yours!

I’ve made a few characters in the Star Wars the Old Republic recently and I am spreading my time around getting to know the storylines, the abilities, and most importantly the companions that I will soon receive.  I began to research to see what the future held for my characters and their possible crew.

The more I looked the more I began to feel that my Empire characters had more interesting companions due to their own storyline or how they played into my own.  I won’t give away spoilers but for me the companions that the Empire players received peaked my interests more than those of the Republic.

I felt bad about it at first, but the more I researched the more I couldn’t shake my personal feeling.  Even when it comes down to having a favorite companion, I have a harder time picking just one for my Empire girls compared to my Republic ones.

Now I know I’m a little bit bias because I am an Empire girl at heart, but what do you all think?  Do you think one side has cooler companions?  Better romance options?  Or just a more interesting storyline mixed with your own?  I’m also curious as to who is your favorite companion and why? Let me know what you think!

Feel free to leave comments, but please put up a warning if you plan on discussing possible spoilers.

One thought on “My Friends are Cooler than Yours!

  1. Looking at just the coolness factor, I had to say they both have pretty cool companions.

    In some mirror matches, you’ll have a victor (Bounty Hunter is way cooler than Trooper), but just overall I’d say they’re pretty equal.

    Imps get a Jawa, but Pubs get a Wookie for example.

    I like some of the more interesting companions, like Lord Scourge and Guss (the Moncal who thinks he’s a Jedi but uses a blaster).

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