Poll Call: To Bonus or Not to Bonus

As my tank and I were working on new characters the other evening the issue came up when leaving Balmorra if we wanted to complete the Bonus Series of missions.  I easily said yes I wanted to, while I thought I heard a groan coming from my tank’s direction.

I know exactly what he is thinking and I’ve felt it too.  We’ve been on this one planet way too long, the next part of my exciting class mission awaits me and OMG there are so many missions associated with the Bonus Series.

However, for me, as a person who doesn’t have a level 50 character yet (omg the horror!) and someone who enjoys the missions, the storylines and exploring the environment, I like doing the Bonus Series missions.  The storylines you unlock while completing them are very interesting and the rewards are nice as well, not to mention some extra Dark side/Light side points and affection points with your companion.

That however is my personal opinion on the matter and I’m curious how others feel.  So I’m asking those of you that are currently playing Star Wars the Old Republic to take my poll and let me know if you do the Bonus Series missions and why you complete them.  I’m curious to see if I’m in the minority with my opinion!

One thought on “Poll Call: To Bonus or Not to Bonus

  1. Part of the decision is based on the reward. ToRhead is a great resource for that information. I have grinded many Bonus Series missions for a great looking piece of gear. It is great to customize your look with the “Orange” gear with open mods.. to keep your look.

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