Who Wants to be Orange?

Ever had that one weapon that you never wanted to replace?  Have you ever had that one outfit that looked simply fabulous on your character and you wanted to wear it forever and ever and ever?  Well thanks to modification items in Star Wars the Old Republic you can keep pieces of gear and even weapons up to level cap.

In Star Wars the Old Republic you will receive “custom” or orange items in the game.  You will come across them in missions, flashpoints or from commendation vendors on planets.  These items have slots in them that allow for modifications that can always make this custom piece of gear best in slot for you up to level cap.  The modifications are the key to making the custom piece better and in keeping it top of the line for you as you advance on your missions.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of modification you can get for your custom pieces:

Armoring, Hilt or Barrel – This slot sets the item level and power of an item and also has some stats added, for example +7 Aim and +11 Endurance.

Color Crystal –This can be used to change the color of your weapon and it adds some stats as
well, for example +6 Endurance.

Enhancement – This also sets the stats for the piece, for example + 11 Endurance.

Mod – This sets the stats for the piece, for example +11 Strength and +7 Endurance.

Modifications also come in different colors and the colors have important meaning.  They will either be in green, blue or purple.

Green is a mod that is 2 levels below you. Try not to have these in your gear, feel free to give those to your companion for their gear if you’d like.

Blue is a mod that is at your level. You will usually want all blue mods in your gear.

Purple is a mod that will be 2 levels above you.  If you come across a purple mod, this is your most ideal to have in the slot.

However, please note that if you come across a piece of purple gear it will have only 2 slots, a Mod slot and an Enhancement slot, so you won’t have as many options for placing mods.  Also remember that in 2 or so more levels you will start to see blue mods that are equal to or better than your purples.  The best suggestion is to strip out the mods on the purple item and use those in your orange custom piece instead.  Don’t forget as well that removing mods from an item will make the item bind to you.  Also, removing Mods to reuse will cost you credits.

Finding and Planning for Mods

Finding mods and planning how to upgrade your oranges are easy thanks to commendations vendors located on planets.  Every time you are sent to a new planet for your class mission, be sure to check out the local Mod Commendation Vendor as well as the Gear Commendation Vendor before starting all your new exiting missions!  This will let you know about how many commendations you will want to gather while you are in that area, as well as help you decide if the one you may receive from a mission reward is better than one you can purchase.  Mods cost 7 commendations for Barrels, Hilts and Armoring, 2 commendations for Mod and Enhancement and any Orange custom items you can purchase costs more, ranging from 12- 15 commendations.

When purchasing your Barrels, Hilts and Armoring you will notice they have names.  These names can help you recognize what mod is specifically for your class since it will have the best stats for your character.  The names of the mods and their stats, with their stronger stat listed first, are:

Commando – Aim, Endurance

Force Wielder – Endurance, Willpower

Guardian – Endurance, Strength

Might – Strength, Endurance

Patron – Endurance, Cunning

Reflex – Aim, Endurance

Resolve – Endurance, Willpower

Skill – Cunning, Endurance

Now that you know how to be orange, and why you could want to be orange get out there and become orange!  Below you can find a link to the commendation vendors on each planet that sells orange items.

Alderaan Commendation

Balmorra Commendation

Belsavis Commendation

Corellia Commendation

Coruscant Commendation

Dromund Kaas Commendation

Hoth Commendation

Hutta Commendation

Korriban Commendation

Nar Shaddaa Commendation

Ord Mantell Commendation

Quesh Commendation

Taris Commendation

Tatooine Commendation

Tython Commendation

Voss Commendation

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